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Aerial Views are always dramatic!

Everything looks better from the air! We capture your subjects against dramatic vistas of the Texas Hill Country that are often hidden to ground based photographers. Your daughter's wedding, your ranch, your real estate for sale, water activitites at the lake house or game counts at a hunting lease, we can capture them all safely, quietly, candidly and unobtrusively from a drone. 

Our Photographers

Our founder Pat Shaub literally "wrote the book" on starting a drone business. "Make Money With Drones" is available on Pat is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  certificated Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor with over eighty-five hundred flight hours and forty years as a professional pilot. He started one of the first drone-based businesses in the US and was issued one of the first FAA drone pilot licenses. Pat is a mentor and instructor of drone pilots and uses photographers who possess the FAA Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) pilot certificate.

Why Us?

Beeline Drones has been in business since the Federal Aviation Administration began authorizing the use of commercial service drones. We have done real estate and engineering photography in a variety of formats. We can do just about any kind of aerial photography you can imagine, quietly and safely capturing shots that can't be taken by manned aircraft or acquired by any other means.  Although we can provide high quality, high definition photographs, we can also produce unique high definition video presentations as well that are both dramatic and entertaining. 

Home construction video

Beeline Drones in Marble Falls, Texas has done videos of house builds in Burnet and Llano Counties, including Buchannan Dam and Horseshoe Bay. We document the build from ground breaking through the day the family moves in. When we're done, builders and owners alike  have a video unique product to share (and show off) their new house with customers, or with family and friends. 

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